About Bruncheonette

Before Bruncheonette opened its doors, Joile Forral wanted to create a brunch menu that was different, flavorful and full of fun ideas for Spokane to be able to enjoy. The inspiration was a menu that could hold it’s own in being unique for foodies, but also comforting to the less adventurous palates. Working on the same philosophy as the catering and food truck aspects of the original catering and food truck company, she knew that she wanted to continue making food as scratch made as possible, using the best ingredients available and with a lot of love, hard work, and dedication, to be able to put out the best dishes possible.


While flavorful fresh food is a large part of Bruncheonette, so is the service side. Here at Bruncheonette our staff works together, as a team; to make sure you have the best meal and dining experience possible. That includes our hardworking dishwashers washing plates to make them spotless. Our prep chefs that chop, dice, mix and help get your plate one step closer to perfection. Our line chefs that are flippin’, fryin’, cookin’ and putting those final touches to your plate before they are brought out to your table. And finally to our servers, that want to make your experience at Bruncheonette is simply the best.


With many years in the industry, Joile knows how much work and effort goes into every plate, from “mom and pop shops” to fine dining restaurants. It was also no secret that regardless of passion and dedication to the craft, most cooks and chefs are poorly compensated. With an industry profit margin of only 3-5%, laws that used to forbid “tip sharing”, servers often make 2 or 3 times more than their back-of-house counterparts. It’s a system and wage difference that is not fair; especially knowing it takes a team to make a restaurant successful.


Since Bruncheonette relies on great teamwork from all staff members and that every employee is worthy of a "living wage”, Bruncheonette has chosen to add a 16% Service Fee to your bill. 100% of this fee is then equally distributed amongst all of our hardworking staff, for hours worked. If a guest chooses to add a gratuity, that optional amount is paid directly to your server.


If you have questions about this practice, please feel free to ask! If you feel that anything about your visit is not "up to par", please ask to speak with a manager or contact us directly via telephone or email. We hope that all of our guests will enjoy their visit at Bruncheonette, and we welcome any feedback.

About Couple of Chefs

Born and raised in San Diego, Joile Forral always had her heart set out to be in the restaurant industry, especially in the world of pastries and desserts. In 2008, Joile was classically trained and received her degree at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, Oregon for Patisserie and Baking. After years of working in the restaurant industry, it was decided that it was time to jump head first into starting a company of her own. Joile and a fellow chef business partner left their full time restaurant industry jobs and started "Couple of Chefs Catering” in the beginning of 2011 in Spokane, Washington. 

For every event that Couple of Chefs Catering catered, the chefs created customized menus that would be tailored to each event’s needs, wants and style. After much success, in 2012 the chefs quickly expanded to purchasing and opening a gourmet food truck. It became their mobile kitchen for on-site cooking at catering events, as well as being a gourmet food truck parking at various locations throughout Spokane.

Regardless of if the chefs were catering events or serving lunch from the food truck, their goal and vision was simple in that they wanted to serve the best quality food possible. The chefs prided themselves and their business on scratch made, quality, and fresh foods. By 2016, they received acknowledgement for their dedication to their craft when “Couple of Chefs Food Truck” was voted Spokane’s Best Food Truck in the Inland Northwest by Spokane’s Inlander. Between catering events and operating the food truck year round, the chefs had their work cut out for themselves.

In the summer of 2016, Couple of Chefs Catering & Food Truck happily announced that they would be expanding their company once again by opening their first brick and mortar restaurant, Bruncheonette. A few months later, Bruncheonette officially opened for business on October 17, 2016. In early 2019, Joile bought out her business partner and took over full ownership of the company and Bruncheonette. Joile and her incredibly hard working team of staff continues to strive to serve the best quality foods possible whether they are hired to cater your special events, stop at the food truck for a gourmet sandwich or take a seat in the restaurant for brunch.